Boobies unite!

I think that should be breastfeeding mama’s unite but it’s not as catchy.

So a new survey revealed that less than half of women breastfeed after two months. Now granted the sample size was small only 500, but if that is seen as a good sample then its sad.

This post is not to shame those who do not or cannot breastfeed. This post is to focus on one of the reasons why mothers have said that they don’t breastfeed. One word ’embarrassment’.

You can read an article about it here.

I am a first time mum and I breastfeed. I’m actually damn proud I do.

It was not easy. There was cracked, bleeding nipples to begin with, a tongue tie and at times it hurt so much I wanted to cry. Slowly though I got the hang of it.

The first time I fed in public was nerve wracking, but I did it, no one said anything. I did receive a ‘look’ and guess what it was from another woman and she had children with her. What did I do? I stared right back.

I did it again and the second time was less scary.

I’m not saying I still don’t find it a little hard, after all you never know how people are going to react. One of the things I do before I feed is ask if they are breastfeeding friendly, that way I can judge if I want to go there. If they aren’t, they don’t get my money.

The issue is though, mums shouldn’t be made to feel embarrassed. What we are doing is natural. The breast is a source of food first, a sexual play thing second. We are not whipping out our boob to titillate, we are doing it to feed or comfort our child.

As a society we need to stop seeing this natural act as something almost unnatural. We should welcome any mum who wishes to feed her child this way. We should not be saying no to them, asking to them cover themselves or worse recommending they do it in the toilet. Would you eat your lunch in the toilet, no, so then why should a baby?

So if anyone is reading who is breastfeeding and wants to continue but feels it is too hard and embarrassing, don’t give up! You want to feed in your favourite café, do so, ask a friend, partner ,your mum to come with you the first few times. Pick a quiet corner and free the boob. You’ll be surprised at how little can be seen and actually how amazing and brave you will feel.

Boobies across the world unite!!


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