What to say and what not to say

So I got my hair cut for the first time since Sidekick entered the world. I am now looking a little more human and less shaggy dog. Yeay!

My lovely hairdresser is pregnant with her first child and it got me thinking as we talked, what to say and what not to say to a pregnant lady, especially a first time mum.

When I got pregnant it just so happened my friend was pregnant to, six weeks ahead and then I ended up being six weeks pregnant ahead of another friend. It became a train of information, still is. Some information was held back though for fear of freaking out the ‘next in line’. Was this the right call? I’m not so sure.

So I passed on only a few pieces of advice, specifically:

  • Read up on the fourth trimester – no one told me about this, everything would have been a lot more understandable if I had known about this.
  • If baby has a tongue tie demand to speak with a specialist – granted this is specific but personal experience and all that.
  • Make up the spare bed so you and partner can sleep in shifts.
  • If you are trying breastfeeding give it time – even if your latch is perfect it will hurt for a bit your nipples aren’t used to being used this way (unless you know that floats your boat)
  • Most of all trust your instincts – they will kick in, sure sometimes you’ll be wrong, but you’ll figure it out

So that was my advice along with giving her this book on hypno-birthing, not because I think she should do this, but because it gives a good start in creating a positive birth experience.

I think that is the one thing I feel we have lost sight of as we have advanced through the decades. Birth is a natural thing, yet it has somehow become so very medical. I think my thoughts on that topic is for another post.

For now though I wonder what else would I have liked to have known prior to becoming a mum.


The pen is mightier than the sword, why not say something

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