I re-read my last few posts, it made me feel crappy. I feel as if I do not appreciate my bundle of awesomeness that is Sidekick and that is the last thing I want.

Hubby and I tried for a long time to get pregnant, we were investigating adoption convinced that a biological baby wasn’t going to happen for us. Then it happened and Sidekick is here and she is my world and yet I complain because she doesn’t fit the ‘this is what your baby should be doing’ plan.

So I’m going to stop.

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Just how I feel

Being a mum is lonely or at least it is  at times. Am I alone in feeling this?

Don’t get me wrong I have people around me, Hubby, my mum but I still feel lonely. Maybe it’s because I left having a child until I was a bit older (although still just in my thirties), maybe it’s because I had a career, I managed a team and now it’s a good day if I get a brush through my hair.

I love Sidekick and I adore being with her, my days are filled with laughter and fun, but it’s still lonely at times.

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I must be doing something wrong

We all feel this right? Am I the only one who still feels that she is doing something wrong as a mother?

Sidekick will be coming up to six months old soon (I can’t believe it!) and yet I weekly still feel that somehow I still haven’t got it right. That somehow my mothering is wrong.

Maybe it’s because I’m beyond tired, teething and rolling in the sleep and getting stuck on tummy is not fun.

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