Blue and Pink the battle

Warning I think this could be a ranty post.

So Sidekick is a girl and I dress her in blue. Not just blue a whole heap of other colours but blue is there.


Why should I not.

I’m getting fed up of people always assuming she is a boy because she’s in blue, not just blue green, aqua….actually anything that is not white, pink or has darn flowers on it!

Why are we so conditioned to think that a girl is pink and a boy is blue?

Am I dressing in blue to make a statement? No, I just prefer those clothes. The pink ones are often neon pink and have things like ‘Princess’ all over them. I would rather Sidekick grow up thinking she can be a scientist or an engineer than a Princess. Don’t even get me started on some of the baby wear that says ‘Future WAG’.

Babies until they are older all look pretty similar, they don’t (at least to me) look like a boy or a girl. Why do we start as soon as they are born conditioning them to ‘this is boy stuff, this is girl stuff.’

What happens if you have a baby boy who feels he is more a girl and vice versa? Isn’t it better to raise children that see that they can do and be whoever they want to be. That who they are isn’t just based on what gender they are.

So yes I dress my baby girl in blue, also in things with dinosaurs on them and rocket ships. To me the domain of blue, science and history does not just belong to men.

So to everyone out there who embraces more than the one colour go you!

The pen is mightier than the sword, why not say something

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