Universe aligns….

It’s funny isn’t it that by suddenly shifting a thought or approaching something a different way things come into your life to help you with this.

Yeah I know I sound vague or a bit ‘oooo aliens’.

I think the sleep deprivation is getting to me.

From me trying my best to not focus on sleep I have found various articles, blogs, people even that have had similar situations. The thing that I find odd is that these articles etc. weren’t popping up in the last six months despite my googling.

Anyhoo….this blog I have found to be brilliant. Grubby Mummy is spot on with how it feels to be a mum with a super charged baby, how isolating it can feel. She points you to Pinky McKay and The Milk Meg. I find it curious that these people are all Australian, I have yet to come across a UK champion.

So there we have it, these resources are far better than anything I can do, so I wonder what the future is for this tiny blog. In my head I saw it as a place I could share thoughts and feelings, share things I have learnt, maybe even post reviews of stuff. Now however I can’t help thinking ‘what’s the point’, how many mummy blogs are there out there? I don’t have a unique life, my voice isn’t radical.

So what is the point? Not sure……




The pen is mightier than the sword, why not say something

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