Warning! Teething baby doesn’t sleep

Baby asleep

According to most parenting books, I am parenting all wrong when it comes to sleep.

At the moment most of the posts on this blog are to do with sleep and how Sidekick isn’t that much of a fan.

I’d like to change that but here comes another one…

I type my posts still one-handed as my firecracker sleeps in my arms. It takes me a long time to do a post.

For instance this nap occurred 3.5hours after she was first awake, she was tired at 2hrs. So Hubby, it being the weekend, went to rock our baby to the land of sleep. He appeared after 50 minutes, numerous pauses along the way admitting defeat. My turn.

It took an extra feed and 20 minutes if rocking to get her to sleep.

Yes she was tired, no she wouldn’t just go to sleep if we left her.

Night time is even more entertaining.

Saturday night I was lucky to get 2 hours in one stretch. Sidekick is teething, has been for months but last night was bad.

At one point she would only sleep with my forehead touching hers, one arm around her back and her fingers curled around my other hand. As you can imagine I didn’t sleep.

She was, despite many books telling me that she should if not be sleeping through the night, only waking occasionally to feed, up five times to feed. Might be teething, might be a growth spurt who knows.

I’ve heard the advice, she needs to learn to self soothe, you’re responding to her too quickly, let her cry she’ll soon go back to sleep.


In the cold light of day I can say that. I can set out my whys and reasons.

At 3am when I’m stiff and knackered and she’s feeding yet again, little voices begin to creep in.

Maybe I am wrong.

Maybe she can self-soothe and I am just pandering to her.

Maybe I’ve made her this way because I’ve always helped her get to sleep.

I begin to slip down into the dark hole of doubt.

So to help me cope when I’m feeling this way I have saved some posts that I re-read to remind myself that I’m not alone and I’m not wrong in how I parent.

I love the Grubby Mummy blog, she has been my saviour. This post gives great advice on how to cope with extreme night waking’s.

The Milk Meg is great. After reading this post I felt better about feeding to sleep. I also bought her book, that reassures me also.

So what do you do when you think you’ve got it all wrong? Is there a spot on the internet that you go to reassure yourself?


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