Warning being a parent is hard!

So I’m going to reveal a shocking truth, you ready…sometimes parenthood feels too demanding and overwhelming.


No, truth.

I’m only saying that because I’ve got a child, I’d feel different if I couldn’t have one.

No not the case.

Sidekick took years of trying before she arrived, gallons of tears were cried. I had to come to peace that I was not going to be a biological mum and we started looking into adoption.

Then new job, house and then she arrives. Fate is funny!

It still isn’t that much fun sometimes.

My body is at the moment being used constantly as an aid to something. My hair is used as ropes to help stand, my chin is often munched on to help relieve teething pain, my nipples are a source of entertainment for flicking or pinching.

Yes I do say no, I stop her doing it,  but she’s only 7 months she has yet to learn the meaning of ‘no’ and ‘that hurts’.

Also pee…I’m off my nappy game at the moment, keep getting covered in pee. I think it’s because she’s wiggling so much, but still, I’m getting through my leggings like a crazy lady. I’ve only got so many.

Sidekick is also really frustrated at the moment. She’s trying to crawl, stand, walk, all at the same time and getting so fed up that she can’t. We have lots of crying. She’s not happy on the floor, she’s not happy on me. It’s exhausting for her and me.

I keep in mind that however shitty I feel she feels a lot worse. I am her anchor as she figures out this new world and that gummy grin can break through any tiredness.

Some days though I don’t have the energy to be full on, engaging mum. Some days it’s a case of lets get through the day and just survive. Hubby comes home from work and Sidekick is quickly entertained by him whilst I go hide in the shower for five minutes.

My house is a wreck, today (Monday) to keep Sidekick happy I let her pull out all the clean laundry out of the basket which has yet to be emptied. There are now socks and knickers thrown around her room. I’ll pick them up at some point. But honestly I don’t care, she was happy, I was happy, its only laundry at the end of the day. I’m sure Hubby will find his boxers, it’ll be like a treasure hunt!

Why do we not say this though? Why do we maintain a false image that everything is great, that we have everything under control? Or maybe others do and I’m just lazy.

So how do you cope on the hard days? Want to share?






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