Top tip parenting hacks

Like many, if not all parents, I’m always trying to come up with ways to make my life easier.

Enter parenting hacks!

This list will hopefully grow as Sidekick grows. If you have any hacks and are willing to share please get in touch and I can link across.

  1. Order two sleeved bibs, that way they can be in rotation, one gets washed other used
  2. Stick a command hook to the back of the highchair so you always know where the bib is
  3. Keep one of the babys clothes hangers in the kitchen. When you’ve sponged of the bib hang it up to dry
  4. Get a small plastic bowl so child can wash their own hands (read you wash them)
  5. Keep and clean yogurt pots, empty bottles, brilliant bath time toys
  6. Keep clear 500ml bottles to make discovery bottles
  7. In really warm weather hang damp towels in the bedroom just keep them away from baby’s reach
  8. Keep an empty nappy box and use to store toys, put baby in and be a train, car, boat
  9. If you find a pinecone or a nice rock keep for little one to explore
  10. Kitchen utensils are the best toys – wooden spoon, whisk, spatula

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