Good for you Pepper, Pea Muffins

Glitterbug cooks pepper and pea muffins

Weekends always used to rush by before I had Sidekick now they’re over before they even begin. Well that’s how it feels.

Like every other parent out there I try to do as much as I can in the weekend to get ahead in the coming week.

Washing, cleaning, cooking.

Simple domestic things.

I also try and spend some quality time with Sidekick and Hubby. Otherwise I’d never see him!

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5 tips to be a little green machine

Stand hand in hand for Earth

I started writing this blog as a way to get my feelings out and also to show that not all babies do what the baby books say they should. I wanted to connect with other parents who have experienced similar things and slowly I think that’s happening.

What I don’t want is people thinking that life with a Velco baby is hell. Yes it can beĀ  little more challenging and sure we might be a little more exhausted than other parents but life with a Velcro baby is still wonderful.

So because of that this post is different, it’s about mundane everyday life showing a different side of me. Specifically this post will touch on how upon learning of approaching parenthood Hubby and I wondered and discussed how ‘green’ we could be but also selfishly how green we wanted to be.

We knew that we wanted to raise Sidekick to have a love of the outdoors, a respect for nature and to be environmentally responsible.

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Rainbow Oats

Dyed oats

This isn’t a recipe to eat but it’s darn good fun!

One of the issues I think many parents face is keeping baby entertained. I find it especially hard with Sidekick as she always likes me to be involved with her play time. Which is great, I love spending time with her and watching her grown and learn but there are only so many times I can read her favourite book or play with the whisk (seriously she loves the whisk!).

So I have been looking for different things for her to do. Not just for her benefit but also my sanity!

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Hulk Muffins

Hulk Muffins for the superheros

I think it sounds better than broccoli muffins!

Another weekend gone. I’m sure they never passed this quickly before Sidekick arrived. I can’t believe that in a matter of days she will be 9 months. We are in the last quarter of her first year. I’m not sure how I feel about that!

As any parent knows time is a precious thing so I spend a good chunk of the weekend cooking ready for the week ahead when I’m flying solo.

This weekend was a bit of a challenge in the cooking department as I had new things to consider.

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5 ways to get stuff done!

Retro women

Thank you everyone who looked at my post on Wednesday and took the time to comment it really meant a lot to me.

One of the reasons I started writing was with the hope that people would connect and as a result I wouldn’t feel so lonely.

So thank you! Now on with my rambles….

The thing about having a firecracker, Velcro baby like Sidekick (apart from coming up with descriptive terms) is that it’s hard to get anything done.

Yes I’m still typing with one hand whilst my other arm slowly goes numb from holding a sleeping Sidekick. I tried again recently to see if she’d go down for a nap. Ha!

But in my short stint at being a mum I have managed to figure out ways of getting some things done. It takes me a million times longer to do anything pre-baby but I think that’s normal, right?

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Tuna Quinoa Fritters

Tuna, red pepper and quinoa fritters

Part of my weekend is about cooking.

I like cooking, coming up with recipes, trying new things out. It helps me feel like there is still a little bit of the pre-baby me about!

We decided to do baby led weaning as it seems the most natural thing to do. If you think about primates they don’t mush up their banana’s or whatever it is they eat. They eat what the pack (is it called a pack, what is the collective term for monkeys?) eat.

Also the thought of doing all that pureeing, too much faff!

So it’s been quite good fun thinking of new things to eat that are Sidekick friendly in terms of size, different textures etc.

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