Baby Sign Language Review

Baby Sign Language item review

Babies are hard things to figure out!

In the early days it’s not so bad; tired, hungry, nappy change.

As they get bigger it gets a bit more complicated. Since they are yet to master the art of speech you’re left running through an ever growing checklist of things that might be upsetting them.

So based on this I decided to have a go at teaching Sidekick Baby Sign Language.

I originally thought I’d join a class but there were none nearby and with Sidekicks napping issues it wasn’t going to happen.

So I had a look to see what I could get online and I found My First Signs and Lets Sign Flashcards. (FYI this isn’t an affiliated post just encase you were wondering)

I started first using signs with Sidekick from when she was about 3 months old.

My First Signs is a lovely illustrated board book. Sidekick loves looking at the drawings which are fun and playful. It’s a sturdy book. Sidekick happily sits on it, chews it and its not looking worse for wear.

For the teacher the instructions are very clear, with helpful hints and tips along the bottom.

We spend time looking at the illustrations and then I sign them. Following one of the tips, I do the appropriate sign when we are doing that activity. For example I sign ‘milk’ just before she devours the boob.

Following the tips we do four signs for a while and then add another one.

The Lets Sign Flash cards are great. These have both the baby sign action as a colourful illustration but also the way to actually sign the word on the back.

There are 48 cards that cover the most useful signs, for example  love, cuddle, milk, the actions for mummy, daddy, granddad, nana, book, bath, cat.

It also has a card with the sign alphabet which I’m trying my best to learn.

The cards are laminated which makes them pretty robust. Which is good because Sidekick loves holding them, shaking them. She even giggles at the faces.

I’m not sure how successful I’m being with it. Sidekick defiantly knows the signs for milk and eat as those are the ones we’ve used the most. The way I can tell is when I do the sign, she smiles, jumps around and flaps her arms happily. What can I say she’s a boob monster!

I’m really trying to use other signs as we go about our day. I hope that it’ll work because I think it will really help us communicate before her speech comes.

I’d really like to hear off anyone who has been doing sign with their baby or child. Have you got any tips?

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