5 ways to get stuff done!

Retro women

Thank you everyone who looked at my post on Wednesday and took the time to comment it really meant a lot to me.

One of the reasons I started writing was with the hope that people would connect and as a result I wouldn’t feel so lonely.

So thank you! Now on with my rambles….

The thing about having a firecracker, Velcro baby like Sidekick (apart from coming up with descriptive terms) is that it’s hard to get anything done.

Yes I’m still typing with one hand whilst my other arm slowly goes numb from holding a sleeping Sidekick. I tried again recently to see if she’d go down for a nap. Ha!

But in my short stint at being a mum I have managed to figure out ways of getting some things done. It takes me a million times longer to do anything pre-baby but I think that’s normal, right?

For me its all about prioritisation and breaking it down into manageable chunks.

So this is what I’ve learnt as I’ve stumbled this far in motherhood about getting things done whilst having firecracker baby.

5 tips for helping you get stuff done
When time is short you need to get things done quick!


I admit that I like a good plan, makes me feel like I have some control. I have plan in the week for weekends and then at the weekends I plan for the week.

My weekends are when I do the bigger things whilst Sidekick happily has one on one time with Dada.

So I do some batch cooking for the week ahead, tidy the house, do some blog stuff. I utilise both hands!!

Equally I will play with Sidekick if Hubby needs to do things like chop down trees, attach baby gates etc.

By this sharing Sidekick approach we manage to get a fair bit done and also have family time together.

In the week I do smaller things like laundry, possibly dust the room she’s in. Tidy around her as and when needed. The thing is when she’s awake I like to be interacting with her as much as possible so things do get left. If I am doing something I try to engage her in it, I make up silly songs about what I’m doing, I’ll talk to her about it. I’m sure some of her first will be ‘shut up’!

Write it down

Again maybe a personality thing but I like a list! There’s just something about putting a nice tick against a task completed! Okay am sad.

I like to write down what needs doing in the coming week and then figure out how I’m going to do it.

Also my memory is pants due to lack of sleep so it helps me actually remember stuff.

I have a little diary that I use to write (yes I use a pen, old fashioned!) down any events/appointments etc. things that need doing, but best of all I use it to just jot down any thoughts, feelings, milestones achieved. I figured it would be a nice way to remember my first year as a mum.

Get help

I am very lucky to have my mum who once a week (usually mid-week) comes and plays with Sidekick and then takes her for a walk which sometimes results in a nap. This can free me up for three hours in the week!

In those magical three hours I do either something that has cropped up in the week or I get to do a mini clean of the house.

These three hours, just give me enough time to get the house a bit straight so that by the time the weekend comes it’s not a complete disaster zone.

If you can get someone to play with your little one even if only for an hour you’ll be surprised with what you can get done.

Break down the tasks

For example I do the prep for our evening meal throughout the day. Sidekick has a walker that is in the kitchen, the thing is she’s only happy in it for about 10 – 15 minutes before we have unhappy Sidekick.

So I do meal prep in short bursts spread out over her awake periods. By doing this she doesn’t get cranky and I still managed to get the vegetables chopped ready for cooking.

Sure its a hassle to have to do it this way but it keeps her happy and we get to play for longer.

Be realistic

Prior to baby I always set unrealistic goals on what I think could be achieved in a given period. If you asked Hubby he’d say that I thought a day was more like 48 hours than 24. Post baby and I’ve come to accept that stuff isn’t just going to get done.

When Sidekick arrived we were half way through having our house rewired and re-plastered. That’s now not going to be finished for years!

Once we came to learnt that our bundle of baby was a little bit different from others we realised that some of the things we thought possible are not at this moment possible. For example I thought that come summer I would be able to put Sidekick in a play pen in the garden whilst I did some gardening. Nah!

So I’ve come to accept that some of the jobs that need doing aren’t going to be done this year and those that have to be done this year will either be done in batches or I will call in reinforcement in the shape of Grammy!

What we did do was we listed all the jobs that we think are required in the house/garden and then we broke them down into a sort of traffic light system, urgent needs to be done because dangerous etc, not urgent but will need looking at and then would be nice.

This way we tackle the things that really do need to be sorted.

So those are the little things I’ve learnt to do in order to get stuff done when you have a Velcro baby.

How do you manage to keep it together? Any tips?



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