Rainbow Oats

Dyed oats

This isn’t a recipe to eat but it’s darn good fun!

One of the issues I think many parents face is keeping baby entertained. I find it especially hard with Sidekick as she always likes me to be involved with her play time. Which is great, I love spending time with her and watching her grown and learn but there are only so many times I can read her favourite book or play with the whisk (seriously she loves the whisk!).

So I have been looking for different things for her to do. Not just for her benefit but also my sanity!

I have read about sensory play and why it is so important for baby. You can spend a lot of money on toys that are sensory play orientated which I think is fine but let’s face it we are all trying to save money.

As always the internet and Pintrest provide so many ideas that you can try for yourself. Yes you may end up with more of ‘nailed it’ result but sometimes they do work. This is one of those projects and it is so easy to do.

All you need is:

  • Cheap oats (1 cup per colour)
  • Food colouring (1 tsbp per colour, or more if you want brighter colour)
  • Water (1.5 tbsp. per colour)
  • Bowl
  • Trays

And now for the very scientific method….

  1. Put the water and the food colouring in the bowl
  2. Add the oats
  3. Stir until coated
  4. Spread out on tray and allow to dry
  5. Rinse bowl, spoons etc. and do the next colour

That’s it, you now have rainbow oats! Keep in a air tight container and it’s my feeling that these will last for a long time!

Sidekick was happily entertained by them and so was I! Next time I’m thinking of trying to make some rainbow spaghetti.

These are safe to be eaten at this stage as they’re fresh. Hubby decided to test that theory!

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