5 tips to be a little green machine

Stand hand in hand for Earth

I started writing this blog as a way to get my feelings out and also to show that not all babies do what the baby books say they should. I wanted to connect with other parents who have experienced similar things and slowly I think that’s happening.

What I don’t want is people thinking that life with a Velco baby is hell. Yes it can be  little more challenging and sure we might be a little more exhausted than other parents but life with a Velcro baby is still wonderful.

So because of that this post is different, it’s about mundane everyday life showing a different side of me. Specifically this post will touch on how upon learning of approaching parenthood Hubby and I wondered and discussed how ‘green’ we could be but also selfishly how green we wanted to be.

We knew that we wanted to raise Sidekick to have a love of the outdoors, a respect for nature and to be environmentally responsible.

Having said that we are not saints.

We could do a lot more to be green, a combination of the additional cost plus our lifestyle does impact on the choices we make. However we do try.

For example all through our twenties we did not travel internationally, no plane rides for us. We did when we hit our thirties, our thought was since most countries aren’t doing much to reduce CO2 emissions caused by air travel we’re hardly going to make an impact. So we went to Greece. Yeap one flight! We also paid extra so trees were planted.

So when Sidekick was on her way we discussed ‘green’ issues and made a few choices in regard to purchases for Sidekick, specifically:

  1. Reusable nappies
  2. Reusable cloth wipes
  3. Organic bed mattress for her cot
  4. Cot that turns into a bed so longer use
  5. Limitation on toys – quality over quantity
  6. Ethically sourced baby clothes where possible

My plan is to do more detailed individual posts on these as and when but for todays ramble I’m going to give my tips for being green in everyday life.

We do the everyday stuff like recycle, compost, use re-useable bags but below are some more specific things

5 top tips for green living
It’s not easy being green

Bulk buy

Possibly a bit random but my thinking here is if you bulk buy you are cutting down on plastics/individual wrapping and also it works out cheaper, yeay!

My bulk buys at the moment are peanut butter (love it!!). Whole Earth do 1kg tubs. I pay £6.50 for it but that works out cheaper per 100g than the individual jars and it lasts.

Washing up liquid Ecover do a 5 litre bottle for £9.99, this works out cheaper per litre than the individual 250ml. So I’ve kept one of the 250ml bottles and I top it up.

Fizzy drinks

I love water, seriously love the stuff. I am happy with regular tap water but when I want to go crazy I love a sparking water with some orange squash. I know, living wild!! I was buying the 500ml bottles as larger ones kept going flat as I didn’t drink it quick enough, but then I would get through a couple of the smaller ones. Whilst plastic can be recycled it would be better not to have it be used in the first place.

So we’ve splurged and bought a Sodastream! I had one when I was little and boy have they changed! Now much smaller. We got the Jet Sparkling Water bundle and bought it on offer saving us £20.99.

It was a splurge but we used money from Christmas. We really have been very good this year at only buying something of required or really wanted. Maternity leave budget and all that!

Re-useable bottle/cup

I always have a drink of water with me no matter where I am. I did have a stainless steel one but it needs replacing. But by having a reusable bottle I save the planet a little bit and I don’t buy more expensive bottles of water, good old tap water is fine.

Whilst I don’t drink coffee I do know that Starbucks, Costa and Nero all allow you to use your own mug. Starbucks give you 25p off your hot drink and Nero give you two stamps instead of one on your loyalty card.

Drink your coffee and feel smug!

Off switch

Now I have a serious fear of fire, like crazy fear. Not sure why I have never been in a fire but I did once set my hair on fire when I was younger during a powercut so that might be it.

Anyway because of this I do not leave anything on standby. I even turn the cooker off at the wall. The thing is though by turning your tv, laptop etc. off properly you can save money.

This article gives you a breakdown and you could save up to £76 over the year. That’s actually a fair bit of cash!

Meat as a side dish

As you will have seen from my recipes a lot of them are vegetarian. Hubby and I don’t eat a lot of meat. We’re making sure that Sidekick has some but for us we don’t munch it that often. When we do we buy the best quality we can afford and it feels like a treat.

By reducing your meat intake not only are you helping the planet (it takes 7kg of wheat to produce 1kg of meat, that wheat could feed 10 people for a day) but it’s also healthier for you. Got to make sure we’re fit and healthy to keep up with our Firecracker babies!

Try  doing Meat Free Monday. This site has some great inspiration for recipes.

Then if you think you can cope with a little less meat everyday but still want it think of meat as the side dish and not the main guest. So you could do smaller amounts of meat, you could do a big veggie pasta sauce and just have a sprinkling of meat with it.

Yes I know this takes a bit more thought and planning and do we really have the time? Well yes…no…

Not going to lie sometimes Hubby and I just eat toast for our dinner but sometimes I manage to get organised and produce something.

Small victories!

So those are my simple tips. I’d love to hear from you and what you think. Do you have any tips? Are you trying to be a ‘green’ parent? Drop me a comment, I like reading!


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