5 tips to help with reluctant travellers

Sidekick loves crawling but she’s now working on walking.

I’ve read a lot that high demand babies, Velcro babies have a lot of energy, they demand to move, to be free.

That is totally true with Sidekick.

Whilst this is great news for the future it’s not so great in terms of going anywhere.

Sidekick absolutely hates going in her car seat.

Once upon a time she would go to sleep in it (okay it was rare but it did occasionally happen). Not now.

Now it’s full on screaming, crying, total meltdown.

Sometimes I can’t even get to the end of the road without her breaking down. Other times we can do about 20 minutes, but only if someone is the back to entertain her.

It’s hard. I’m feeling pretty house bound.

Oh I know people would say battle through, she’ll get used to it. The thing is I’m not safe driving when she is that distraught so I just won’t do it.

So to try and keep her used to the car seat I’ve been trying a few things with the hope that one day she will be okay to travel for more than 20 minutes!

So here is what I’m attempting and if you have a reluctant traveller maybe they’ll help you.

Don’t travel sleepy

Ahhhh I learnt the hard way. No longer will Sidekick sleep in the car, even after she was up for 5 hours (she was ill, we’d been to the emergency doctor) she still wouldn’t sleep. She will cry, she will strain, she will attempt to get out of the car seat, but she will not sleep.

So now if I’ve got to travel anywhere I try to make sure it’s when she’s awake. Obviously this is not always going to possible and this is where the other things come in.

Don’t travel hungry

Always make sure baby is fed and not thirsty. I give the boob about 15 minutes before to minimise the chance of it coming back up!


I now have a selection of soft toys that I keep in the car that she only has when she is travelling, this way they are new to her.

Soft toys only because of her bopping herself in the nose, risk of crash etc.

We have a soft bunny, a flip book, small things that she can easily handle in her seat.


We have a CD with nursery rhymes, I put this on when she is getting twitchy and the toys have stopped working. I sing along and this has so far stopped a total meltdown.


If its going to be more than a quick journey I try and make sure she has someone in the back with her. Again this isn’t always possible but it’s the only way I can stop a total meltdown.

So for now that means any longer journeys are been done at the weekend or when Dada is off. He drives, I entertain in the back.

Is this ideal, hell no, but it’s life at the moment and you do what you have to do to cope. Have you got any tips you’d like to share?

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