Rainbow spaghetti

Glitterbug makes rainbow spaghetti

I’ve had such a lovely few days. Hubby took some days off so we had a mini-staycation.

We even managed a car journey!! This is an achievement.

That’s the thing when you have a Firecracker baby things that a lot of people take for granted are big deals with you.

For us being able to go visit a friend who lives over an hour away was a big deal. Now it took some planning. We decided to risk going when Sidekick was due a nap. We’ve tried this approach and it has resulted in full in meltdown. So we timed it so that she had been awake for about two hours, she’d been doing lots of crawling, so tired but not overtired. We knew that 40 minutes into the journey there is a place we can stop, pop her in the carrier and walk if she’s not settling.

However as soon as she started showing tired signs we put on some white noise and I sat in the back with her and patted her tummy and shhh’d. It worked! I had to keep my hand on her chest for the nap but who cares?! So once she was awake it was a case of entertaining her with a bag of toys.

It really was a big deal for us!

Due to the fact it’s hard getting out and about with Sidekick I’m always looking out for new things to do with her around the house. Things for her to play with, experience. I had a go at making rainbow spaghetti, it turned out really well and it’s easy to do, all you need is:

  • spaghetti
  • food colouring

It’s straightforward to make;

  1. Decide how much spaghetti you want them to play with and then cook it as normal
  2. Once cooked divide the spaghetti into how many colours you are dying,  did three, and pop into freezer bags
  3. Pour in the food colouring into each portion, the more food colouring you do the stronger the colour, and then squish and mix.
  4. Allow to cool before offering for play.

That’s it. Pretty huh?

Dyed spaghetti
Colours of the rainbow…

You can keep it for a day or so in the fridge, so you can get more than one use out of it.

I’ve popped ours in the freezer, why? Sidekick didn’t like it! I’m not sure if it was because I offered it too late in the day and she was a bit tired or whether she didn’t like the texture, but she was not happy.

So I’ve frozen it and will give it a go another day.

Let me know if you try this and if your Firecracker likes it!

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