Potato Rostis

Why is it that you just seem to end up cleaning?

Does anyone else feel like a maid, mother and wife and that ‘you’ have somehow got lost in the endless piles of laundry, balanced nutritional meals?

Guess that’s motherhood, parenthood.

I’m feeling angsty. My return to work is looming, getting nearer on the horizion. There’s still so much up in the air.

Tried to put Sidekick down for her nap today, just ended up with her being awake and fed up. I worry how my folks are going to cope with her need to be held for her day time naps.

This is usually where someone comes and tells me it’s my own fault, I should never have rocked and held her to sleep, she now needs it to get to sleep.

Well I actually now know you’re wrong.

For the first time ever Sidekick self settled!!!!!!!!

This is a huge deal. Now yes she was in her Dada’s arms but she put herself to sleep. We then ballsed it up by trying to put her on the bed to nap.

So we are making progress. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

I’m writing this (Saturday) on maybe four hours sleep, Sidekick was up every two hours and wouldn’t settle down easily so my sleep was pretty much in 50-60 minute chunks. I sat there just wondering when things would ease, when she wouldn’t need so much milk at night, when she wouldn’t need to be in our bed for most of the night, when she would stay in her crib. I started to panic about how I will survive at work when the nights are like this. How will she be with her Grammy and Grampy when she isn’t feeling great herself.

I know these are all normal working parents worries. Sucks doesn’t it!

Anyhoo….let’s talk about something a little less serious. Food!

Always a good option I think.

The recipes I post on here are things that I make at the weekend to make my life easier in the week. I can just grab a muffin out of the freezer in the morning and then add some veggies etc. to it at lunch and we’re sorted.

However I don’t want anyone to think that Sidekick eats specially prepared meals that only she has. She eats what we eat.

So this weekend I did what I call breakfast for dinner. I did baked large mushrooms with tomatoes, eggs and potato rostis.

Now because Sidekick seems to have reactions to tomato (more than once) and eggs (only the once and only when they weren’t in something) she did have to have something a little extra so she had some chicken and cooked veggies. She did have the mushroom and potato rostis. Sidekick just loves mushrooms.

Basically I try and cook things that we all can eat together, potato rostis being one of them. They’re really easy to do and are a different way to eat the humble potato. So this is what you need:

  • Potato (depends on how many mouths you are feeding and the size of your potato)
  • Black pepper

The method I did is pretty straight forward:

  1. Prepare a muffin tin by greasing it with olive oil, sunflower oil, anything and or a cake tin – I did both because I wanted to see which I thought worked best and also I did a lot of potato!
  2. Wash and grate the potatoes, this is where a food processor is soooo useful
  3. Tip the grated potato into a clean tea towel and squuueeeezzeeee, you need to get the water out
  4. Once that’s done tip into a bowl and grate in a bit of black pepper
  5. Now spoon into prepared muffin tin or cake tin and bake at 190c for 1 hour

Now I would post a picture of the potato rostis cake but I dropped it on the floor. So then I was going to post the muffin ones but I turned off the oven and forgot about them so I burnt them! It was one of those days.

So let me know if you have any more success than I did!


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