Everyday life and blogging

I couldn’t think of a post to write.

That got me thinking about the point of this blog. Why I am doing it etc.

It got me thinking about my life, my days with Sidekick.

Then it hit me.

I couldn’t think of anything to write because there wasn’t anything to write.

Don’t get me wrong I could write how Sidekick is waking up again at 4.30am or how now that she has a couple of teeth breastfeeding is a little more scary.

But then I thought why?

I’ve written posts about sleep, or the lack of, rambled on about how we are managing.

Then it dawned on me. I’m at peace.

I’m at peace with the choices I have made and continue to make. Sure some days are harder than others but I’m okay with it all.

So what is there to blog about? I could ramble on about our days, but they’re pretty mundane, laundry, cooking, playing. We achieve some things, we don’t achieve others.

I could write about my anxiety about returning to work. But would you really care?

You read that your blogs are supposed to be about a niche and I really feel that writing about parenting a Firecracker baby is a niche but there’s only so much you can write before it becomes general. I did think of doing that, having my posts evolve to include general parenting with a focus on green living etc. But I’m not sure I want to.

I like blogging but in one sense I want to do more to make it a bigger thing and I don’t have the time to commitment.

So I’m going the opposite way, maybe. Posting still but only when it’s something worth posting.

Guess we’ll have to see….



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