It begins

So the end is nigh….

Too dramatic?

This week marked the first time Sidekick went to my parents as part of getting her used to having days without me.

I didn’t like it.

Oh I know she is fine. More than fine. She had a great time.

Me I hurtled around the house tidying, keeping busy. I had a very strange call with Hubby who phoned me on his lunch break because I kept sending weird messages, saying things like ‘we need a plan’, ‘i’m ordering a mop’. I think he got that I was micro managing life or trying my best to avoid it.

I can’t believe that my return to work is getting close.

I have taken the full year off so I’ve got a bit more time but it’ll fly.

I want Sidekick to be comfortable being without me for a full day before I head back to work, but I don’t want to rush it, so we are building the time up slowly.

We’re also figuring out different strategies to get her to nap. We again tried putting her down for a nap but nahhhhhh. She’s fine at night, just not in the day.

I’m lucky in that we are managing to have me reduce my hours at work, it’s going to be super tight but it’s what we want. I’m also lucky that my parents are taking Sidekick the other two days.  At the beginning we did look at nurseries but at the moment they just don’t suit how Sidekick is.

We are willing to scrimp on life for a few years in order to do what we think is best for Sidekick. I’m hoping that by the time she’s two things might be a little easier and we can consider some time in nursery.

It’s just that the only routine Sidekick has is not having a routine, every day is different and at the moment I don’t want to force her into a schedule.

Guess we’ll just see how it goes….

Oh and I get to experience breast pumping, who says I don’t know how to have a good time!!

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