Spiced vegetable and red lentil one pot

Sometimes it’s hard to do what you preach isn’t it.

I’m struggling at the moment believing in myself and the choices and I Hubby have made in terms of how we wish to parent.

Those midnight voices are shouting that little bit louder at the moment.

We are having a lot of trouble at getting Sidekick to sleep in her crib. At the moment she just won’t go in it so she’s in bed with me all night.

I miss my Husband. I miss being able to wiggle around and stretch.

I hope that’s it’s just an anxiety thing and that she will grow out of it soon.

It’s hard though.

Anyway I made a nice spiced lentil dish the other day which is perfect on so many levels. It all cooks in one pot so yeay, contains lots of veggies and is pretty easy. You simply put everything in a pot and cook!

Red lentil and vegetable one pot
Yum yum.

So what you need is:

  • 2 medium potatoes cut into bite size chunks
  • 3 carrots cut into bite size chunks
  • 2 shallots chopped
  • Spinach (I used the frozen stuff and I used four parcels)
  • 2 tins of tomatoes (or 1 tin and 1/2 pint of stock if not giving to baby/toddler)
  • 120g of red lentils
  • 1 tsp gram masala
  • 1 tsp paprika

Then all you do is this:

  1. Soften the onions for a minute or two
  2. Add the potatoes, carrots, spinach and spices and cook for 5 minutes
  3. Rinse the lentils
  4. Add the tomatoes and lentils to the pot and cook for another 30 minutes until the potato is soft.

This is a mildly flavoured dish so is perfect for baby led weaning. Yes it’s a bit messy but it’s so wonderful seeing Sidekick try all these new flavours and tastes. So give it a go.


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