Well it has begun….

My return to work has begun. Slowly building up the hours. It sucks.

I know many of us are in this position. Returning when all we want to do is stay home and be with our child.

I’m trying to be brave.

I’m already panicking about how stuff is going to get done. How will the house work get sorted.

I know we’ll find our groove.

I’m wondering if I’m trying to convince myself.

I’m wondering if I’m going to like being back at work. Will I enjoy adult conversation, will I like being able to have a drink without interruption. I know I will. Am I going to feel guilty because of that?

Mothers guilt.

It’s hard isn’t it?

I’m lucky, Sidekick loves spending the two days with her Grammy and Grampy and I know it’s good for her to have time with other people.

I wonder what it will be like when she’s ill however? Will she settle?

All these thoughts keep whizzing around my head.



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