All by myself….

Sung in a really off note whilst Sidekick looks at me, I can tell she’s worried, I would be to, I’m sure I’ve just scared a load of dogs.

So the new year is already heading towards February and it’s a time of weird weather and being in the house more than is liked.

How is everyone else coping?

Me I’m a little stir crazy. When confined those pesky mama you suck thoughts creep in.

I really am struggling to get out there.

How did you guys find getting out and about and meeting your so called mum tribe?

Is there a mum tribe for those failing to get into a mum tribe?

Oh don’t tell me I need to get out and join things, I know that, it’s just a bit hard when there is nothing local. I mean everything is a 20 min drive or anything that is local is for Christian parents, which I’m not.

Also everything that is on is always around the time Sidekick likes to nap.

So I’m friendless and this is seriously freaking me out because my mortality is hanging over me. Oh I’m fine but I keep thinking the ‘What Ifs’. I know my mum would step up but she’s not getting any younger. I keep thinking of people who I could ask, friends we’ve had for years, but here’s the thing they don’t want children so you can’t really force yours on them.

People speak of this tribe, how they will see you through the rough times, you have playdates and you’re babies grow up together and it’s all skipping through fields and love and puppies.

I have no tribe and I’ve got two cats.

I’d like to meet some mama’s but on the occasions I have gone out those mama’s can be mean and judgy!! Turns out I’m in a place where baby led weaning, not doing CIO and attachment parenting is met with sneers.

So alone I trudge.

It’s a bit sad when I think about it.

I guess I’m sad.


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