Velcro Baby

This term is the best term to sum up my Sidekick. She’s attached to me 24/7 nearly. We’re even back to having to have her sit on my knee whilst I pee. I’m sorry if that’s too much information for you, but that’s my life at the moment.

So a Velcro baby, what do I mean. It’s pretty straight forward, it’s a baby, child, that doesn’t like being put down in any sense. They crave and need for their own happiness constant contact.

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I re-read my last few posts, it made me feel crappy. I feel as if I do not appreciate my bundle of awesomeness that is Sidekick and that is the last thing I want.

Hubby and I tried for a long time to get pregnant, we were investigating adoption convinced that a biological baby wasn’t going to happen for us. Then it happened and Sidekick is here and she is my world and yet I complain because she doesn’t fit the ‘this is what your baby should be doing’ plan.

So I’m going to stop.

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