5 ways to get stuff done!

Retro women

Thank you everyone who looked at my post on Wednesday and took the time to comment it really meant a lot to me.

One of the reasons I started writing was with the hope that people would connect and as a result I wouldn’t feel so lonely.

So thank you! Now on with my rambles….

The thing about having a firecracker, Velcro baby like Sidekick (apart from coming up with descriptive terms) is that it’s hard to get anything done.

Yes I’m still typing with one hand whilst my other arm slowly goes numb from holding a sleeping Sidekick. I tried again recently to see if she’d go down for a nap. Ha!

But in my short stint at being a mum I have managed to figure out ways of getting some things done. It takes me a million times longer to do anything pre-baby but I think that’s normal, right?

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